Help us empower Pakistani youth by providing them with
Chromebook laptops to kickstart their freelancing careers

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Your donation will allow us to provide underprivileged Pakistanis with Chromebook laptops, which they can use to earn a steady income through freelancing. The cost of the Chromebook laptop is 14000 rupees, which we will offer to customers at 1000 rupees a month for 14 months. We will provide a six-month warranty for the laptops, and we are not charging any interest from them.


By contributing to our cause, you’re not only helping us cover our expenses but also creating a pool of investment. The money returned from customers who buy the Chromebook laptops will go back into the same pool, creating a cycle of investment and impact.


Your support can make a difference in the lives of many Pakistanis. Click the donate button now to help us create more opportunities for the youth in Pakistan.